International Applicants

For admissions purposes, non-U.S. applicants are those individuals who meet one of the criteria below:
  • Green Card or Visa holders
  • Applicants with international credentials, i.e. attended an institution outside of the U.S.

The Application Process

English Proficiency/TOEFL – Language Requirements

In addition to meeting the regular admission requirements, a non-U.S. applicant whose native language is other than English must submit official scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) before admission can be considered.
Read more information about taking TOEFL 


Neither the TOEFL nor the IELTS is required of U.S. naturalized citizens or international applicants who have received a degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution. Documentation of citizenship status or proof of a U.S. degree must accompany the application. The communication skills of all students are key to their success in our graduate program. The TOEFL standards we would like to see at the Robinson College of Business include a score of 90 or higher. To electronically send TOEFL scores to our office, please use the college’s TOEFL code number for master’s-level programs, 5251 and the college’s department code number, 02. The acceptable English proficiency scores bands for the IELTS are 6.5 or higher. Please send all IELTS scores to: Georgia State University Graduate Recruiting and Student Services P.O. Box 3988 Atlanta, GA 30302-3988
Countries where English is the one-and-only language
The TOEFL, IELTS and GSTEP are not required for:
  • Australia
  • Jamaica
  • Bahamas
  • Kenya
  • Barbados
  • New Zealand
  • Canada, excluding Quebec*
  • St. Lucia
  • Ghana
  • St. Vincent
  • Great Britain
  • Seychelles
  • Grenada
  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • Guyana
  • U.S. Territories, excluding Puerto Rico**
  • Ireland
*Quebec is primarily French-speaking **Puerto Rico is primarily Spanish-speaking

Intensive English Program

If you are interested in participating in Georgia State's Intensive English Program, visit the IEP website for information about the classes, tuition/fees, and housing. Click "APPLY NOW" to fill out an application. The Intensive English Program can help you improve your English skills to assist in meeting admissions requirements for graduate programs in the Robinson College of Business. If you have a question about the IEP, contact

Academic Credentials

Applicants who completed all or part of their education abroad may be required to have their foreign credentials evaluated by Josef Silny, Educational Credential Evaluators or WES (World Education Services). Please see the stipulations below:
  • If degree transcripts are not in English, the transcripts must be translated.
  • If it is a three-year degree, credential evaluation is required.
  • If it is a four-year degree, the student should send in transcripts to be reviewed by an international admissions coordinator. Whether or not the transcripts will need to be evaluated is up to the discretion of the international admissions coordinator.
Please note that an evaluation is generally not required of applicants who submit their transcripts in English, but under some circumstances it is required. Applicants should submit their transcripts as early as possible along with their applications, and will be notified if an evaluation is needed.

Financial Resources

All financial documents should be submitted to International Student and Scholar Services. If you have specific questions regarding the submission of financial documents, please contact the International Admissions Coordinator, at 404-413-2070 or Once an applicant has been admitted, they will receive information from ISSS about how to obtain their I-20. In order to obtain the I-20 a student must submit financial documents that prove his or her ability to meet the financial requirements while in attendance by submitting the appropriate documents to International Student and Scholar Services. Continuation of the visa after the first calendar year may require further proof and certification of the applicant’s financial ability. Please note that the I-20 amount required is just an estimate of the cost of attending a program. The I-20 amount is not a bill. Specific amounts are available from the office of International Student and Scholar Services. Note on Financial Aid: International applicants often ask about financial aid. We regret that neither the college nor the university has financial assistance for international applicants. There are a very limited number of graduate research assistantships, but the amount of the stipend is not enough to cover all expenses. Also, because the assistantships depend on funding that is not guaranteed, they cannot be counted toward the minimum financial resources required for issuing a Form I-20; they are awarded on a competitive basis after admission has been granted.

Full-Time Course Load

The international student with a student visa is required to carry a full course of study in fall and spring semesters; the summer semester can be a vacation semester or a semester with a reduced course load. Students who choose to enroll during summer semester must meet the minimum course load required for an assistantship if received during that semester. A full course of study at Georgia State University is 12 hours for undergraduate students and nine hours for graduate students. International students cannot be admitted as non-degree students.


If you have any additional questions as an international applicant, please email us at